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Fresh fruits from Greece

We offer fresh peaches and apricots, apples, grapes and other fresh fruits from Greece

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Frulantis offers a wide choice of fruits and vegetables grown in Greece.

Who are our customers?

Supplies of fruit and vegetables due to the seasonality of each kind of fruit occur almost all year. In March, we offer strawberries, citruses we supply before the end of April. Beginning in late May selling produce apricots, nectarines and other stone fruits

In the period from September through December we offer apples (Star King, Granny Smith, Aidared, etc.), kiwi variety Hawyard and pomegranates. Particular attention should like to draw on Greek pomegranates! Unique taste of Greek pomegranates distinguishes it from other competitors in the global market. Greek pomegranates are incredibly sweet and rich with natural substances.