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Fruit puree and concentrates

fruits and vegetable purees and concentrates

We offer fruit purees and concentrates from Greece

    Who are our customers?

Fruit purees, supplied by Frulantis, are used for nectars, juices and baby food. Also concentrates - for juices, and also - additives for a variety of beverages. Purees and concentrates vary in content of natural sugars (fructose and glucose), which segments them into products of single strength and concentrated purees.

For puree and concentrate as a preservative is used only ascorbic acid - except puree which are intended for the manufacture of jams. In this case, as preservative is used sugar.

Methods for packing puree and concentrates:

The table abow shows the main characteristics of the products we offer. Values for brix, acidity, ratio, and other indicators are presented in more detail in the relevant specs.