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Supplies of peaches from Greece

Greek peaches variety May Crest - supplies from Skidra, region (nomos) of Pella

Classification of stone fruit in Greece

in punnet
1 kg

We offer greek peaches directly from farmers

Frulantis offers greek peaches in punets, plastic box and wooden box.

Peaches in Greece are cultivated in the northern part of the country called Macedonia. The main areas of growth - districts of Pella, Imathia, Kozani. Despite the small difference in geographical terms, sometimes the difference in the maturation of the same varieties in different areas up to 5 days. Early peach varieties, such as the May Crest, can satisfy the needs of customers in a peach of a new crop, although the least predictable in terms of volume. Early varieties are more sensitive to the carriage, and in addition, their blooming period is early spring, which is often fraught with frost. At our page you can read the article about the factors which reduse the crop of the stone fruits, like illnesses etc.

We offer differnt varieties, like Royal Glory, May Crest, Sun Crest, June Gold, Royal Jem, Red Heaven, Fayette, Rich Lady, Ruby Rich, Symphony, Elegant Lady and other. Period of supply of peaches from Greece - from early June and by late August. Diversity of peach varieties can cover the needs of customers throughout the summer. Frequency of maturing - about once a week. It also allows farmers to avoid a situation where there are no hands to collect the entire amount of the crop matured. In addition, the same sorts of peaches grow in the plains and in mountain areas - which also results in a uniform intake of fruit to market.

Peaches are packed in bulk in 10 kg plastic boxes, in baskets of 1 kg and one layer in wooden boxes measuring 30 cm by 50 cm calibers peaches vary as 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 27, 30, 32, 34 and smaller. In the punets the peaches are packed of 30 caliber and below. In packaging bulk in 10 kg box of fruit caliber are usually present from 24 to 30. Please see our page about packaging of fresh fruit.

Frulantis company has been supplying a wide range of fresh fruit from Greece. Gamma of our products is presented on page fresh fruits.