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Kiwi variety Sorelli - supplies from Greece

kiwi variety Sorelli from Greece

Calibers and weight of kiwi variety Sorelli, offered by Frulantis

We offer kiwi variety Sorelli from Greece directly

Kiwi, like the oranges, along with one of the strong position of the Greek fruit. Frulantis company provides the world market variety of kiwi - Sorelli.

kiwi variety Sorelli from Greece

Period of supply kiwi Sorelli - from late October to November. In contrast to variety Hayward, which has an ability to be stored in refrigeration until April, this variety has short season. Kiwi variety Sorelli has a light yellow color, and taste like a mixture of melon and pear. The peel of this variety is smooth, without characteristical kiwi villi.

In the table abow you can see the caliber and weight ratio of kiwifruit. For kiwifruit shipped in punets, is accepted indication of caliber as the number of pieces in this same basket. Thus, the ratio is: 30-10, 33-11, 36-12, 39-13, 42-14.