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Pomegranate from Greece

Pomegranate trees in Greece

We offer greek pomegranates variety Wonderful

Although that the pomegranate is loved in Greece since ancient times, industrial production began not so long ago, in 2007. In Greece, before the New Year, is decided to break a pomegranate on the threshold of the house, and it brings good luck. The expression "Invite him to break a pomegranate on the next year," ironically refers to a person whose presence is not desirable, and is unlikely to this person would invited to a serious family celebrations.

pomegranates from Greece

We supply pomegranate size requirements from 6 to 16. Greek pomegranate's calibers are determined by the number of cells in a cardboard box 30 to 40 cm. Greek pomegranate has a thick juicy and winy taste. High sugar content and a beautiful ruby color allowed to win a strong position among consumers of this pomegranate variety. To produce 1 kg of pomegranate concentrate 60-65% is used 2.5 kg of fresh pomegranate.

chapped pomegranate because of much rain

Like other greek fruit, pomegranate is also afraid of the excess moisture. The photo clearly shows the pomegranate open like a flower. This is a classic example of a situation where just before maturation much rain falls. The bright sun, which replaced the rain, makes the water evaporate rapidly. But the process is not always smooth, and as a result a big part of the crop is non-conforming. Despite the fact that such a pomegranate can not be exported as whole fruit, the crop can not be considered as lost. Cracked pomegranate goes for processing and manufacturing of concentrate.

Such cracks can be seen in the photo in the materials of other fruit, for example - in article about cherry.

Frulantis company has been supplying a wide range of fresh fruit from Greece. Gamma of our products is presented on page fresh fruits.