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Olives from Greece

Olives from Greece

We offer black and green olives from Greece

You can buy a wide range of processed olives with stones and without stones, of different varieties, with the filling, olives in brine, olives in oil and other. Frulantis supplies olive green and black, of various calibres. Size is determined based on the number of olives, which fits in a gallon jar.

The average usual caliber of olives is ranging from 100 to 140. Olives vary in size as the Mammoth (calibers 91-110), Colossus (111-140), Giant (141-160), etc.

We supply a variety of olives processed with stones or without, different varieties, with the filling, in brine, oil, etc.

Frulantis supplies olives of different types: green olives with stones, green olives stuffed with almond, green olives stuffed with pepper and black olives.

You can see metal tins which we use for canning of olives.