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Blood orange from Greece - fat burner

blood orange from Greece

We offer fresh blood oranges from Greece

We present our champion on the content of antioxidants and fat burners. Citrus sinensis - so is called in latin blood orange - definitely can be called a fat burner.

blood orange from Greece

Scientists at the University of Milan observed two groups of mice that were given to drink juice. One half of the mice received a dose of orange juice from the ordinary orange, the other - from the blood orange. Observations have shown the inability of organisms of the second group of mice accumulate excess weight. Scientifically speaking, fat cells, adipocytes lost the property to store fat - which is actually their main function.

Blood-red color due to the presence anthocyans and depends on the season, weather and other conditions of maturation. In the same party may come across fruits with pulp from orange with impregnations to a dark bordeaux color. Accordingly - the colour of juice ranges from light pink to wine.

The Greeks preferred a more clear and short name for this fruit - "sanguine." In free translation it sounds like "optimistic fruit." It should be noted that the name is quite justified. Due to the high content of antioxidants that prevent aging, blood orange juice lifts the mood and tone. Sanguinius has a rich taste and aroma. In the process of making juice fills the air with a pleasant sweet-sour aroma.

Lia Kiriazopulu provides bllod oranges

If we compare the blood oranges with oranges Navel or Navelinas, it is a little acidic but it is much sweeter than Valencia variety. Thick acrid taste of blood orange favorably distinguishes it from fellow.

In recent years, Greece is taking active measures to promote the blood orange. Even the photo session was held, where part-time nutritionist and popular cover girl Lila Kiriazopulu strongly urges to drink the juice of freshly squeezed citrus miracle. For the same reason we felt it appropriate to place on our website one of her photos, found in Internet.

сок из кровавого апельсина из Греции

We supply blood oranges in different packaging on customers, but more often - in bulk in a plastic box with a capacity of 10 kg. Colouring of blood orange peel is uneven and varies from orange to brown - where looking at the sun. In appearance Sanguinius can be considered blend of orange and tangerine, but scientists define it only as a kind of classic orange.

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