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Aseptic bag for fruit puree and concentrates - description

Aseptic bag for concentrates

Opaque bag 200 liter for aseptic storage

For long-term storage of purees and concentrates is used aseptic bag. This bag is made of a material similar to that used for storing samples of fruit puree and concentrates.

Bag dimensions: 159 cm by 90 cm Capacity: approx 200-210 liters. Material: multilayer opaque plastic with reflective layer.

Aseptic bag for easy transportation is located within the conical metal barrel. From possible damage caused by the presence of unevenness in the interior of drum, a bag of additional protected with a plastic bag. On top drum closed with a plastic lid. Thus the liquid products in a container is protected from sunlight and mechanical damage. On a wooden pallet can fit 4 drums.

The price purees and concentrates, which are supplied by Frulantis, is including the cost of packaging and pallets. All other components of the package (pallet, packet and barrel) are only new ones to avoid any excesses. We supply a great product, and we can not afford to use in order to increase profits spoiled drums or pallets.

In addition to the strength of the material the bag is of great importance and reliability of the inlet valve (on the right). According to the technology, plastic valve opens only at a certain temperature. This temperature is achieved by the action of water vapor on the valve. In addition, steaming allows you to destroy the possible microbes and prevents the penetration of any microorganisms inside the bag. In addition, before the fixing of the valve in the output fitting of system, the area around the valve is sprayed with disinfectant composition.

Aseptic bag for fruit puree and concentrates

Depending on the characteristics of the product, the shelf life in aseptic bags can range from 12 to 24 months. The average time is 18 months - under the terms of right transportation and storage.