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Samples for ruit puree and concentrates

Sample for fruit purees and concentrates

Package for fruit purees and concentrates from Greece

To correctly evaluate the quality of supplied puree and juice concentrates there is a practice to send samples to the client for testing. For this we use aseptic metalized packages with plastic ingoing bushing of one inch.

Package material is completely identical the material used to produce aseptic bags to supply products in metallic conical drums.

Manager of Frulantis is testing the sample of puree

In such 200 liter drums Frulantis company delivers fruit purees and concentrates, according to the specs and provided samples.

This package provides an aseptic product safety during the storage period declared by the manufacturer, is also related to the product in a drum. Shelf life of purees and concentrates in aseptic package depends on the specifics of product and use (if any) preservatives. Because in supplied by Frulantis purees preservatives are not used, the shelf life is usually 12 to 24 months.

The only minus the package - the product darkens slightly faster. The reason is that in contrast to drums closed by nontransparent cover, the package with the sample is exposed to light. This is because the plastic of the input fitting can not provide the same protection from the sun's rays, as in a metal barrel with a lid.

Sample for fruit purees and concentrates

As a result, at the opening of this package with the sample, e.g. one year after the product manufacturing, the color of puree will be by a semitone is darker than the relevant production of the same date, but concluded in a barrel.