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Packaging of greek fresh fruit

Packagings for fresh fruits supplied from Greece

Basically packaging for fruit, supplied from Greece, is the same as from suppliers from other countries. There are some differences due to the different sizes of pallets, as well as in industrial culture and the availability of raw materials for the packaging.

Europallete for European countries

For deliveries of fruit to the EU we use pallets that are returnable. These pallets are made of more durable material than those who go to the CIS and other countries outside the EU. Reusable pallets is intended for 1500 kg. Pallet is properly labeled with the symbol EUR, which indicates compliance of standards required for such a pallet.

Europallete for countries out of EU

For shipments to countries outside the European Union, used pallets non-reusable 1m to 1.20m capable of withstanding 850 kg shipment of products with packaging. For this category, there are also basic requirements for quality. Mark is affixed to the pallet with our fruit indicates that we use only certified packagings which does not let down - no matter how long the route.

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